We all have ideas about who are the best skaters in various disciplines (street, vert, cement, slalom, etc), but who can do it all? This contest took the over-all best of three disciplines: street, vert and slalom, and crowned the best overall rider.

The event was called the Triple Threat, and it all went down at Lake Elsinore Skate Park on March 29—30. Spohn Ranch provided a vert ramp, and a nearby hill provided the giant slalom course.

It was not surprising to see who showed up. Vert riders can usually ride street, and some of the longboard guys can rip everything. It was surprising that no street skaters showed up ; guess they’re not in to versatility.

Coinciding with this event was a national FCR Slalom and Giant Slalom event. All the cone-turning heavies were out for that ; Hackett, Olson, Chicken, and the rest of the guys were out in force. At first, this event sounded like a wack idea, but it ended up being a cool weekend involving lots of beer drinking and hanging out with some true legends and young rippers.

Slalom was the first event for the Triple Threat pro division. I know some of the guys had never done this event at all; many of them had to borrow boards. The vert pros got down the hill pretty fast. Four seconds separated Andy Mac from the fastest legit pro slalom guys. Chris Gentry was having a blast and was stoked to make it through all the cones. Longboarders’ Jesse Parker and Brad Edwards had the fastest times.

Next up was the best of three runs on the vert ramp. The ramp seemed a little narrow and slippery, but that didn’t bother Andy Mac or Chris Gentry. They both ripped this ramp and Andy was doing so many variations of a 540, that it’s ridiculous to even try to name them all. Chris did his famous Frontside Rodeo five and he was going so high it was sick. Brian Patch slammed bad but got up to complete his runs. Omar looked strong on vert as always. The ramp looked a little contricted to contain Matt Moffets fast-carving style, but he managed to make it look easy anyway. Andy Mac and Gentry took the vert competition.

Everyone was pretty beat by the time they got to the street competion. Benji Galloway looked to be the man to beat. He had all sorts of rail maneuvers, ollie transfers, and some ledge work. Omar looked strong again and Andy was finding some nice lines.

In the end, Omar won the Triple Threat. He was followed by Andy Mac and Benji Galloway. Who knows how they figured out the results? Are these really the best skaters in the world? Maybe overall, some of them might actually be able to claim that title. Well, at least for the day.

There was also an Open division and a Masters division. The Masters saw some captains of the industry go head to head. Tony Magnussen (Osiris), Hackett (Deathbox), and Lucero (Black Label) all fought for top honors. Duane Peters beat out all of them to take the overall victory.

The Slalom and G.S. races were interesting to watch. Those guys are some of the true legends of skateboarding. We are talking about guys up to 50 years old, trucking down the hill and dodging cones at high speeds. Chicken ruled the day, winning both pro Slalom and Giant Slalom events. It was an interesting day for all.

Lets end it with a quote from former Alva posse member Dave Duncan. “Does Lake Elsinore have any chicks?”

“Nope, once they turn 15 their Moms boyfriend starts to date them”.

Final Pro Rankings

1.Omar Hassan

2.Andy MacDonald

3. Benji Galloway

4. Sasha Steinhorst

5. Matt Moffett

6. Chris Gentry

7. Jesse Parker

8. Brad Edwards

9. Jimmy Marcus

10. Jeff Budro

11. Brian Patch

12. Roger Mihiklo

13. Billy Green



1. Duane Peters

2. Tony Magnusson

3. Don Fisher

4. Dave Hackett

5. John Lucero

6. Jeesse Martinez

7. Chis Cook

8. Dave Duncan

9. Chuck Hults




1. Eric Britton

2. Bill Wahl

3. Dave Magee

4. Andrew Mercado  

5. Cyril Mountain

6. Buddy Carr

7. Tom Miyao

8. Brad Disney

9. Cheyne Fierknott

10. Siali Sail

11. Lynn Kramer

12. Nathan Groff

13. Chase Webb  

14. Chris Gregson

15. Josh Brown  

16. Ray Ridenbaugh  

17. Chris Frazier  

18. Rose Bernfeld