When water is like poison for skateboards, even light rain counts for rain. Matt Miller snaps on ollie over the bar and into the bank in stormy weather. Photo: CHAMI

The cold and damp winter months might hamper your sessions some, but here are 10 reasons you can never write off skating completely—come rain or come shine. The following, in no particular order, are 10 of the more memorable tricks laid down in the rain over the years.—Mackenzie Eisenhour
1. Pat Duffy
Backside lipslide,
Questionable ('92)

Yup. As the cherry on top of his already monumental Questionable part, Duffy essentially does the first legit (over four-stair) back lip ever on a rail with puddles already covering the run-up and rollaway and rain drops hitting the lens.

2. Ronnie Creager
Switch crooks/switch hardflip line,
Rodney vs. Daewon ('97)

Pushing through bearing-deep puddle spray before switch crooking a plastic picnic table is outright dangerous if you know how slippery those things get. Following up with a wet grip switch hards is superhuman.

3. John Cardiel
Indy tweak over can,
Gnarcotica ('98)

Defying the odds is a central theme in all things Cardiel. When the Deluxe crew stumbled on a crappy BMX ramp in a downpour on their '98 Great Lakes tour, Cards made the best of it and tweaked one on a filmer board.

4. Geoff Rowley
Sorry ('02)

This one might not be groundbreaking from a trick perspective, but it is certainly memorable from the standpoint of being smack dab in the middle of one of the best video parts of all time.

5. Wes Kremer
Fakie ollie switch crooks,
NATV ('11)

Skating in the rain is as much about forgetting it's raining as anything else. Seemingly on permanent autopilot, Wes Kremer's wetted-up fakie ollie crooks on an 11-stair in NATV is as good a rain trick as any.

6. Kyle Leeper
Rain Or Shine ('11)

Forget tricks in the rain, Mike Manzoori and Kyle Leeper set out back in '11 to film an entire part under God's tears—yellow raincoat and all. If I had to choose a single trick from the bunch, I'd say getting barreled in a Range Rover's tire spray is most def NBD.

7. Marc Johnson
Lipslide to noseblunt,
Fully Flared ('07)

"See those little dots right there, Ty? That means it's raining." In the segue from his second to third song in Fully Flared, MJ takes a page from both Ronnie Creager and Daewon with his stacked table lipslide to noseblunt-slide.

8. Paul Rodriguez
Switch flip,
In Bloom ('02)

He might have been slightly protected on the run-up by the overhang roof, but launching a 13-stair switch flip into cherry-sized raindrops to land on rain-drenched blacktop certainly counts for something.

9. David Gravette
Boardslide rail-to-ledge,
And Now ('08)

The Creature Fiend Army rose up with vengeance in '08—relaunching their company along with recruiting Gravette and unleashing him on a TWS part. His super-soaked rail-to-ledge boardslide at UC Davis from that part also makes this list.

10. Bob Burnquist
Switch loop,
Tampa 411 ('01)

After Hewitt and Schaefer were carted off in ambulances trying it regular, Bob was walking back up the stairs of the plywood loop setup when someone in the crowd yelled, "Switch!" Minutes later, Bob made the first switch loop—in the rain.