TWS Archives December 1990 Vol. 8 Issue 12

Colin McKay from Spike Jonze’s “This Is Canada” article on page 32

After our look into some of Canada’s present day skating in the online premiere of Civic Affair, the TWS Archives digs up a past representation (December 1990) to compare it to. Spike Jonze’s two part “This Is Canada” article with photos from his one month cross-country trip starts in this issue. Scroll to page 32 and check out part two from the following issue. Plenty of other gems in here… Mike Frazier and Remy Stratton Checkouts, the Bod Boyle Pro Spotlight, and a “sneaking into a skatepark” trick tip from Peter Hewitt!




Jason Corbett on the cover in Toronto. PHOTO / SPIKE

Check out part two of the “This Is Canada” article from our following issue