In this feature of the TWS Archives we bring back the July 2002 Am Issue (Vol. 20 Issue 7). On the cover a young Paul Rodriguez handles a switch kickflip down a Los Angeles thirteen-stair set like nobody's business. From this issue we only bring to you a segment from a 200+ page count to focus on the ams of yesterday who are the pros of today. The following pages below reveal 16 of 2002's un-professionals who have proven to have what it takes to get the job done and later to be deemed as professionals. Click on any of the spread below to get a closer look at the hammers.
cover july 2002pages 213 214 215pages 216-217.jpg pages 218-219.jpg pages 220-221.jpg pages 222-223.jpg pages 224-225.jpgpages 226-227.jpgpages 228-229.jpgpages 230-231.jpgpages 232-233.jpgpages 234-235.jpgpages 236-237.jpgpages 238-239.jpgpages 240-241.jpgpages 242-243.jpgpages 244-245.jpgpages 246-247.jpgpages 248-249.jpgpages 250-251.jpgpages 252-253.jpgpages 254-255.jpgpages 256-257.jpgpages 258-259.jpgpages 260-261.jpgpages 262-263.jpgpages 264-265.jpgpages 266-267.jpgpages 268-269.jpgpages 270-271.jpgView more of the TWS Archives here.