Saturday at Chicago’s Piotrowski skatepark, it seemed like the whole city of Chicago came out to the C.U.T. presented by WeSC. We hooked this tour stop up with Uprise, the best shop in Chi-Town. The sun was out and the snow from the previous week’s storm melted away just in time for a fun day of skating. When the dust settled, Jorgey Rodriguez got our Prime CUT Award. First place went to Emmet Duffy, second went to Timmy Johnson, and third went to Kevin Braun. Check out all the photos to see who else was ripping!
See you this Saturday Phoenix! Skaters, submit your footy tapes now to be pre-qualified for the finals!

Andy Sisomboun -frontside crooked grind.jpg
Andy Sisomboun- Backside smith.jpg
Andy Sisomboune stay Hydrated.jpg
Boths setup2.jpg
Brad Badolla - popshuvit crooked grind.jpg
Chicago legend_ Stevie Dread.jpg
Coleman.Sdrawde_mad doggin.jpg
Edgar Armenta - Handrail Feeble grind backside 180 out.jpg
Emmet Duffy- Crooked grind.jpg
Emmet Duffy- frontside nosegrind.jpg
JORGE ANGEL_Crowd control.jpg
Jorge Angel calling the finalist.jpg
Jorge Angel- bright and center.jpg
Jorgy Rodriguez kickflip during his run.jpg
Junebug and Uprise's Uriah Ruta.jpg
Junebug with the Chicago After school matters kids showing off their work.jpg
Kevin Braun-Switch flip crooked grind.jpg
Mid day Crowd was in full effect.jpg
Mike Baptista frontside Nollie down the set.jpg
Nice hair buddy.jpg
Orlando De La Rosa_ Hydrated.jpg
Oscar Meza thumbs up.jpg
Proper varial heelflip.jpg
Ready to skate.jpg
Rex Flodstrom is down for TWS.jpg
Scotty Brook treflip during his run.jpg
Scotty Brooke- Frontblunt transfer.jpg
Stay Hydrated.jpg
young skater in his run.jpg
Stevie Dread shows the kids whats up old school style.jpg
TWS_ Judges.jpg
The kids from  Chicago after school matters program showing off their decks.jpg
Timmy Johnson - Switch backside tailslide.jpg
Timmy Johnson_ BS_tailslide with stye.jpg
Timmy johnson with Chicago Legends Stevie Dread and Jesse Neuhaus.jpg
Tre-  giving us his mac daddy look.jpg
What you guys drinkin.jpg
You Gonna drink that water.jpg
we got the crowds attention.jpg
Young Ripper_Tariyawn Knighten_ frontside lipslide.jpg
Young ripper_ Ryan Kim_Bluntsilde.jpg
Zack Coe- Backside flip high to low.jpg
it was a cold day out but not cold enough for ice cream.jpg
these are the finalist.jpg
Coleman Sdrawde gets a prize.jpg
Edgar Armenta gets a prize.jpg
Jorgy Rodriguez gets a box of goodies.jpg
Scotty Brooke gets a prize.jpg
Jorge Angel has the top 2 skaters - timmy johnson and emmet duffy.jpg
Jorge Angel calls the winner - Emmet Duffy.jpg
Emmet Duffy wins  first place.jpg
Emmet Duffy and Timmy Johnson share a high five.jpg
Winners 1st Emmet Duffy 2 Timmy Johnson 3 Kevin Braun.jpg
product toss got heated.jpg
product toss- they want more.jpg

Video by Chris Elvira, photos by Marfa Capodanno
Song: Eternal Summers, I Know Now
Special thanks to our C.U.T. sponsors: WESC, Independent, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Olloclip, Fred Water, House Of Marley, I Ride I Recycle, Coal Headwear