Despite temperatures in the high 90s, we had a capacity turnout at the Phoenix stop of our Come Up Tour presented by WeSC. The glue of Phoenix skateboarding, Cowtown, went above and beyond in its hospitality, helping us set up, judge, and they threw a premiere of Cliché’s Bon Voyage Saturday night. Big ups to Trent, Andrew, JR, Sick Nick, and everyone else at the shop! Young Jackson Ellis won our Prime C.U.T. award by sticking the steeziest 360 flip down the ten just as the Best Trick contest ended. He ended up rolling his ankle just a few minutes later, so get well soon Jackson! You rip! Our top three came down to Michael Eddy, Jalen Noel in second, and first place was Greg Dunagan with too many tricks on the rail to mention. See all these guys in the video and photos below.
See you on May 11 New York City! Skaters, submit your footy tapes now to be pre-qualified for the finals!

TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0059.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0481.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0499.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0647.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0687.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0689.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0692.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0696.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0698.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0704.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0764.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0783.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0788.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0805.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0842.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0851.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0853.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0889.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0901.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0906.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0948.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1038.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1143.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1196.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1218.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1256.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1379.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9966.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1411.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1537.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1538.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1541.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9835.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9840.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9861.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9890.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9926.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9929.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9937.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9943.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9962.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-9950.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0414.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-1536.jpg
TWS C.U.T. Peoria-0416.jpg

Photos by Brandon Steed and Brandon Roggeman, Video By Brandon Steed
Music: Witchcraft, Schyssta Logner

Special thanks to our C.U.T. sponsors: WESC, Independent, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Olloclip, Fred Water, House Of Marley, I Ride I Recycle, Coal Headwear