TWS C.U.T. Presented by etnies Austin Wrap Up

The second stop of the 2014 Come Up Tour presented by etnies went down this past weekend in Austin, Texas at the House Skatepark in conjunction with No Comply. Austin was an incredible host city with its natural spring swimming holes, amazing food, and beyond hospitable locals! We had a great time. Justin Williamson was the first place winner, followed by Colton Swin, and Carsten Boyer in third. Jonathan Bastian was our Prime C.U.T. winner with his powerful, impressive skating all day. Corey Kenaley won the Official Best Trick contest with an insane 360 flip five-0 down the nine stair hubba! Check the full results. At the end of the Come Up Tour, Justin and the winners from the other five cities will submit video parts to for YOU to vote on. The winner with the most votes will get a Check Out in the mag!


Brandon Marlin_Front Blunt.jpg
Brooks Wilson_Texas Plant.jpg
Carsten Boyer_5-0.jpg
Carsten Boyer_Bluntslide.jpg
Carsten Boyer_Kickflip fakie.jpg
Corey Kenaley_Crook.jpg
Drake Flores_Backside Flip.jpg
Drake Flores_Hardflip.jpg
Garret Young_Backside 180 Nosegrind.jpg
Garret Young_Noseblunt.jpg
Kechaud Johnson_Back Tail.jpg
Kechaud Johnson_Nosegrind.jpg
Kechaud Johnson_Tuck Knee.jpg
Kyle Stone_Backside Nosegrind.jpg
Kyle Stone_Barley Grind.jpg
Reese Barton_Backside Air.jpg
Reese Barton_Brooks Wilson_Manuel Castro.jpg
Reese Barton_Noseblunt.jpg
Ryan Holloway_Ollie.jpg
Tommy Wilkinson_Back Lipslide.jpg
Tommy Wilkinson_Back Smith.jpg
Tommy Wilkinson_Barley Grind.jpg
Unknown_360 Heelflip.jpg
Unknown_Back Lipslide.jpg
Unknown_Backside 360 Nosegrab.jpg
Unknown_Backside Flip.jpg
Unknown_Early Grab.jpg
Unknown_Front Feeble.jpg
Unknown_Frontside 180.jpg
Unknown_One Footer.jpg
Unknown_Tail Grab.jpg
Justin Williamson_Frontside Flip.jpg
Justin Williamson_Impossible Tail Grab.jpg
Justin Williamson_Ollie.jpg
Justin Williamson_Frontside 270.jpg
Product Toss-2.jpg
Product Toss-3.jpg
Product Toss-4.jpg
Product Toss.jpg
Corey Kenaley_Backside Flip.jpg
Corey Kenaley_Blunt.jpg
Corey Kenaley_360 Flip 5-0.jpg
Best Trick Winners-2.jpg
Best Trick Winners.jpg

Photos / Shaun Mefford Video / Dieter Galvan
Music: Greg Tanoose, Oscar