Given that the highest pillars of journalism in this country have embraced Twitter posts from our current President as substantive policy dichotomy, I believe we here at TWS won’t be lowering the journalistic bar any further than it has already been buried by embracing Instagram as a valid form of interview format. To be fair, everything has its place. As such, here are some quick hit “Insta-views” aka glorified social media comments I have managed to elicit from Tony Hawk and Neil Blender on some classic tricks they logged in classic photos from the mag posted to my @deadhippie account. Still awake?

1) Dead Hippie: Is this a switch frontside beanplant Tony?

Tony Hawk, “Fakie Footplant 180” Photo: Grant Brittain, TWS Aug. 1989, Vol. 7, No. 4. Fallbrook, CA.

2) Dead Hippie: Ever do this again Tony (540 Fastplant)?

Tony Hawk, 540 Fastplant, Birdhouse Skateboards ad (No photo credit). TWS, Dec. 1995, Vol. 13, No. 12.

3) Dead Hippie: The fabled Wooly Mammoth. Apparently named by caption. (I didn’t ask Neil any questions because I never expected him to reply.)

Neil Blender, Wooly Mammoth, Photo: Swank. TWS April 1987, Vol. 5, No. 4.

Stay tuned for more Insta-Views.

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