Now is the time to get your voice heard! The 15th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era are right around the corner. This is the one category for our readers to determine the winner. Pick your favorite skater who ripped the hardest in 2012. Think about all the videos that dropped (Mystery Color Theory, Future Nature, 5-Incher, Pretty Sweet, Never Gets Old, Parental Advisory, True East), the solo parts (Evan Smith, Mikey Taylor, Chaz Ortiz, Willow, Spencer Hamilton) the contests (CPH Pro, Street League, Tampa), the web clips, the interviews, our covers of the last twelve months, etc.

Vote for New Era Readers’ Choice and be entered for a chance to win a New Era $50 online gift card!

The deadline to vote is January 31, 2013. Find out who wins February 27—stay tuned online and follow Twitter and Instagram feeds at @transworldskate (#TWSAWARDS2013).