#TWSAWARDS The Nominees: Best Video Part

This category is the créme de la créme, the holy grail of professional skateboarding, the last defining truth of one man’s ability—the video part. The nominees this year broke all boundaries of gnar, tech, and style. Any one of these guys is beyond deserving of the trophy. The winners of the #TWSAWARDS are chosen by the TransWorld staff, but let us know who you'd pick to win in the comments! Winners announced January 7 in Long Beach. Find out how YOU can get into the Awards here. Stay tuned to our Instagram & Twitter (@transworldskate) for live announcements. Last year's Best Video Part: Guy Mariano, Pretty Sweet.

Best Video Part Nominee: Ishod Wair, The SB Chronicles Vol. 2

Switch frontside bluntslide. Photo: CHAMI

Ishod closed out one of the most highly anticipated videos of the year in Nike’s The SB Chronicles, Vol. 2 with a part full of hammers and lines with an unmatched style. A skate rat through and through!

Best Video Part Nominee: Tommy Sandoval, Cold War

Tommy Sandoval, backside 50-50. Photo: CHAMI

Known for being gnar his whole career, Tommy Gunz bested even himself with by far his wildest part ever in Zero’s Cold War. Insane rails, frontside flipping a 20, and more with his patented savage style.

Best Video Part Nominee: Jon Dickson, The Deathwish Video

Going pro the night of the premiere, Jon blew audiences away with his ender part in Deathwish’s debut video. He’s got one of the best flicks we’ve ever seen.

Best Video Part Nominee: Brandon Westgate, MADE Vol. 1

Backside Smith grind. Photo: GABERMAN

It’s hard to say anything else about Brandon that hasn’t already been said. He’s the definition of the East Coast powerhouse and his part in Emerica’s MADE Vol. 1 cemented his status as a coast-to-coast terrain killer with pop and steez for days.

Best Video Part Nominee: Silas Baxter-Neal, Perpetual Motion

Silas’ part in our 25th video was the one that really stands the test of time. With a rail-to-rail ender that pushed the limits of what’s possible on a skateboard, this dude is a legend in the making.