#TWSAWARDS The Nominees: Best Video

This category proves that the full-length video sure as hell ain’t dead and won’t be anytime soon. Big ups to these skaters, filmers, and companies that invest the blood, sweat, and tears to produce these masterpieces. The winners of the #TWSAWARDS are chosen by the TransWorld staff, but let us know who you'd pick to win in the comments! Winners announced January 7 in Long Beach! Stay tuned to our Instagram & Twitter (@transworldskate) for live announcements. Last year's Best Video: Pretty Sweet.

Best Video Nominee: Bon Voyage

Boris Proust handled the filming and directing of this international cast, eclectic soundtrack, and razor sharp visuals.

Best Video Nominee: SB Chronicles, Vol. 2

Jason Hernandez once again gives us a cutting edge production with an elite cast. Look, there’s Shane O’Neill’s part.

Best Video Nominee: Cold War

The Zero Army came through in classic fashion with big rails, back-to-back hammers, and full parts from the vets! All from VX lenses.

Best Video Nominee: The Deathwish Video

As the brand’s first video offering, the founders (Ellington, Greco) matched parts with raw ams (Moose, Dickson) and blew away the skate world early in the year.

Best Video Nominee: MADE Vol. 1

Emerica took its green-tinged psych rock to the four-man squad of Leabres, Provost, Romero, and Westgate to produce a video that packs a hell of a punch with absolutely no filler.