Tyler Bledsoe, Jeron Wilson, Jesse Landen, and more in Portland, Oregon

The team took a leisurely drive to Hood River, about 45 minutes outside of Portland, to visit DaKine headquarters. They got a tour of the offices, lunch, and Chris Haslam, Paul Machnau, and Jeron Wilson all got a sneak preview of their signature bags that are coming out next year.

After lunch the team did an impromptu demo at the Hood River skatepark. The weather was cool, the park was shaded by huge trees—it felt like being a little kid at skatecamp. After a few autographs for the locals, the team cruised back into Portland amid picturesque lakes and mountains still capped with snow. A grimey street session got underway in Portland’s back alleys until dark. Check the attached video to see who killed it.

Check the slideshow for all the pics.