UK Vans Team in Bristol, England

The penultimate leg of the Vans “Are we there yet?” tour coincided with the annual skate day at Dean Lane, Bristol. A skate park on a hill might not sound like the easiest thing to skate; walking back up from the bottom, gaining too much speed or spilling your beer on the way down. They’re what make the Dean Lane skate park unique, challenging and fun to skate. Indeed, making any trick over the infamous tombstone/driveway is a feat in itself and it has become a proving ground in years gone by.

The day went down with plenty of live music, lots of boozing and some sick skating. A few of the riders who were featured on the tour were missing on the day, but the rest of the team, including Bristol local Danny Wainwright cruised the park with style.

UK Vans rider Ben Grove embraced the down hill gradient, flying over the tombstone all day, stomping a massive ollie over to flat! The main man of the day was Austrian Chris Pfanner. He soon adjusted to the park, and threw down numerous tricks with ease. This boy has style, I’ve never seen him in real life before, and it was a joy to behold. He shut the day down with a crazy flip over the driveway, landed with pure steeze!--William Greenfield

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