Nosebonk. Photo / Veksu

Check the UUUUULPH part here.
He is the OG cava brain. The adhd sweetheart, addicted to what ever at any given time. Restless. A bundle of raw energy. A great dude to be around. No cameraman has time to plan or set up his flashes before shit goes down. It’s hard to pin him down. He says yes to everything but the day only has 24 hours. You never see him. He's omnipresent. He's Ulph. And Dirty Santa is hella proud he skates for Fast & Desert.

Interview by Sami Seppala

Where you from?

Gothenburg, Sweden.

You've got a SMOD tattoo on your wrist – you were the SMOD kid?

Team Smod will allways be my idols I guess, the sickest way of skating. Everyone should go to Vimeo and look them up. They really make you wanna skate and just have fun. Me getting that tattoo was just crazy, being let in their crew, one of many dreams come true.

Bjorn Holmenas: Did you move to Barci cause you look like one of the freedom fighters from here?

No, I didn't even know that people here had that crust-neck here [laughs]. But I guess I blend in pretty good. But that doesn't make me an exotic foreigner to the ladies here—which is a shame. I guess I get shitloads of high fives from the locals, but those hands are on sheeeeet.

Frontside crooked grind pop over. Photo / Veksu

How's it with the Sour boys?

It's perfect. I get to hang around the pros you know [laughs]. Their light shines a bit on me as well. I've met so many good skaters and filmers here, like Lomar, Jack, and Veksu. And they’ve just been down on filming and getting stuff with me as well.

Who do you normally skate with?

I usually skate with Nibbe, Jack, Veksu, Barney, Josef and the rest. I can't give you the whole list, its gonna read like the credits on a Sour film.

And Bönne.

Haha Bönne Saffranzky. Bönne should get face tattoos.

Yeah, a few tears to go with the stress.

Haha yes that would be sick. The Sour boys and everyone else down here are just super nice guys and crazy skaters.

Kickflip. Photo / Alexander Olivera

You got a bit special crew with Emil and Sloka and those fools.

Yes, one of the guys from SMOD has been doing a lot of graphics and designs for a lot of things, like that band The Shrine, and he has the sickest style. True artist. But yeah he is like a brother to me and he has set this crew up and we are soon to release our first film.

What's that?

Full-length gnarly business, haha. We’ve never edited anything before so it kinda got out of hands. But we are getting the outro done today.

Baron of Dallas?

Mike, the baron, Mikael Dalnäs. Go to his instagram @smodmike.

Cool. I wasn't sure if that was happening or not. Sjuk.

Hehe. Yeah. Sloka and Emil have crazy parts.

Frontside feeble grind. Photo / Lomar.

What're the musical highlights Barci has to offer?

I don't know shit. I'm missing out.

What's up with your own music stuff? Tell me of Bandet Alltså.

Well, Bandet Alltså is our folk-prog-rock n roll band back in Sweden. But I guess I'm a bit on the bench there since I moved here. We are waiting for our new album to get out but it's taking forever. But yeah, big band full of booze-loving freaks wearing vests, [laughs].

And your own shit? You do plenty of solo recordings too.

Yeah I guess. Mostly in Swedish, just these boring depressing songs [laughs].

Nisse and Ulph. Photo / Lomar

It’s cool with everyone playing and singing and boozing… Nisse, Erik, Tyler, you, Lars, dirty santa. We should have a gig at the office, but maybe it's more fun to sing among ourselves [laughs].

You're the dirty santa.

Well now that I have a title for life I’m gonna make some biz cards.

I guess I really need time by myself. A lot. And I like to play music by myself. I'm always compromising in life and with that—I just want it to be me.

But that's not a compromise is it?

That's what I'm saying. I won't compromise with that.

Varial flip. Photo / Alexander Olivera

Can you explain the Barci beer maths? We sat down for a beer and then the bill said 18 beers. How does that happen?

You say ONE beer. But you just have to go with eighteen. Always.

With skating and filming, I hear you often do the tricks first and then land them another few times on the film? Yes / No?

Haha yes. I always feel bad for the filmer. So I guess I'm trying to get the trick and then push rec.

And then nobody can ever take a photo of you cause you’re already in the next place, doing the next thing?

There's not that many photographers around are there? I have a lot of pictures from that last part but there’s never a place to put them in. I don't know where they are. Maybe you have them?

So should we put a personal ad here for photographers out there to go and shoot some pics with this Swedish hulk?

Yes for sure. Black and white photos only. No pants.

Do you feel you’re an intravert or an extravert? Because you are really outgoing and a gang member (or a leader) but I sense a feeling of mystery Ulph and a need to be?

Good answer to your own question. Yeah I kinda lead a double life. I haven't left the house today just chilling taking care of my plants, not weed haha, and playing guitar.


Some have to have people around all the time or a lot, and I guess I'm the opposite. But I live with two amazeball guys so I guess I'm not all by myself either. And some crazy man is moving furniture above me 24/7 as well so I kinda have him with me too. Poltergeist Perry.

Tell me about fingerflipping Bada 7. That was fucked up.

I guess that's one of my big claims here in BCN [laughs]. I had recently fucked my neck up and I was walking around with a lot of pain, so I was a bit anxious about that and I actually went to the chiropractor the day after. But it was sick. I was happy Josef joined since he did the backside 360 there. He gave me the feeling it was possible. I mean, you can't catch a fingerflip that good so it’s really falling hoping the board will land as you want. But stoked on everyone filming and joining for that one.

Are you now pro for Desert after this clip?
Haha. I guess Romo is the pro when it comes to Desert, but yeah, Jack hooked me up with this clip and I'm stoked. Desert is so cool.

Romo is pro big time. He’s nuts. Desert very cool.

Yeah. Where is the pROmo?! pRomo. Romo’s pro promo.

Jack has to put some nuts out.

Haha yeah. I'm watching that Year 13 Jim Greco film. Have you seen that? I’m not sure if I'm watching like a Tarantino film or skibb, haha. Jim Greco has leeegend style… I think it’s great that people do what they wanna do.

Have you seen that I have my first pair of blue jeans now? In like 15 years, haha. Blue cheese.

Jeremy Klein is in it! Legend!

Yeah he’s a legend. What's your fav skate movie of all time? Like top three.

Damn I remember the first time I saw The End. Heath and Jeremy really killed it. Heath Kirchart blew my mind skating in tight pants back then, haha.

Yeah that's one of my favs ever.

Yeah that one goes there definitely. I kinda wanna say Menikamati, but I won't. Haha. So… Flip Sorry, and Welcome to Hell. And I have to say Baker 3. But it’s really the Smod trilogy.

I’m fucking telling you that Smod made skateboarding [laughs}. Who were the main Smod mongos behind the flicks? Josef? Mike? Morten?

If I'm not wrong Mike was joking that Mörten should have a chair that was saying director. So he could sit there and yap while Mike was doing all the work. But who knows.

Do they still have a club house? or is it all done?
Nah for now it's gone

Sad. What do you wanna tell the world?

I would say thanks for all the help and kind words. Keep on skating and if anyone knows why my avocado plants have brown leaf tips, let me know. I love them.


Photos / Lomar, Alexander Olivera, Veksu