Underworld Best Trick

The 2nd annual Underworld best trick contest went off in a huge way this year at the RDS Skate Park. Hosted by a loud mouth with no mic and skating from some of the premiere ams in the lower mainland, it was defiantly a must attend event. To mention all the tricks that were thrown down would be silly, I’m sure the grapevine will be buzzing, so mention will be made of the shiners. The MVP of the event was definitely Sheldon Meleshinski, with stompers on all obstacles, most notably was his backside crail on the tall barrier, but my fave was his stylish backtail 270 out on the Zoo York ledge. Derek Swaim just killed it! Nollie heel front board on the WE rail. His homie Stacy Gabriel faired well too. Also, the only girl in the mix was Tamara Drybrough who impressed all with a gorgeous frontboard on the rail. Sasha Dagley also had some play time on every item skated, even as a kid he had power, but it’s now polished to a shine. Jason Gordon had some nice digs with a clean back 180 nosegrind on the huge Zoo York barrier. Ian Twa also has a few gems, respect due indeed. Jordan Hoffart of course had some fun, enjoy Torino buddy! The C1RCA hubba got blown out, Scotty Daily managed to pull out a front noseblunt at the last moment and Chad Dickson was tossing some beauties but couldn’t get onto any unfortunately. The Hurley hip was frantic, there were so many people skating it that going one way first, then the other was necessary. Ian Twa got a lovely switch backside flip, and Micky Papa got a nollie 270 heel, Sasha Dagley had a massive nollie big spin. Paparazzi were in full affect so I’m sure everyone will see the action, serious thanks to the RDS staff for helping out, big up indeed!

This was yet another great event and after party, too! The bar was packed, product was flying and DJ Kut Co helped top it off leading the crowd into complete debauchery. Last but not least thanks to the sponsors WE, C1RCA, Zoo York and Hurley because with out them none of this would have been possible.—Alex, Cyrus and Kristin

Check the slideshow for more pics!