Upland Comes Full Circle

On October 12, 2002 the city of Upland held grand opening ceremonies for it’s new skatepark. The park, located in Memorial Park boasts an updated replica of the Pipe/bowl from the historical Upland Pipeline skatepark (1977-1988) as well as a concrete street course. Badlands legend Steve Alba designed the park and skatepark builder extroardinaire Wally Holliday and crew made it come to life.

I drove up solo from Oceanside and arrived just after the ribbon cutting and speach from Upland Mayer J.P. Pomierski. The place was packed with pros, local skaters, parents, and law enforcement officials (who made sure all in attendance wore the correct safety gear). Pros and ex-pros such as Lance Mountain, Omar Hassan, Al Partenen, Peter Hewitt, Matt Moffett, Brian Patch, Micke Alba, Doug Saladino, Spidey, Mad Dog, Chris Cook, Jim Gray, Aaron Murray, Eric Britton, and Mark Partain ripped the place all day long. If you find yourself in the city of Upland get on over to Memorial Park and session the place—it rips.