Vans Van Doren Invitational Finals presented by MATADOR

Vans’ Van Doren Invitational finals heats today were intense! Raney Beres, Tony Trujillo, Grayson Fletcher, Ben Hatchell, Raven Tershy, Ben Raybourn, and more all blazing the Marseilles replica bowl at once? Are you kidding me? The judges didn’t have it easy, in the end Ben Hatchell won with seriously insane runs and single tricks. Greyson Fletcher came in second with the most insane ollies and hairball landings. Raven got third solid speed and power and an insane frontside 180 fakie five-O across the vert wall. Cheers Vans and Huntington Beach! Let’s do it again next year! Finals photos.

Video by Chris Thiessen, photo by Shigeo

Qualifier video.