Another year of female shredding at the Vans Combi Pool to start the new year off with a bang took place this past Saturday in Orange, CA. Girls from all over the country and beyond, ranging from ages 10 to 34, blazed through the infamous Combi bowl all afternoon. Here’s a sample of photos from the day with a video recap coming tomorrow. Congrats to all the skaters that got out there and gave it everything they had. See you next year!

PHOTOS / @alexpapke

1st: Jordyn Barrat  $8000

2nd: Nicole Hause  $4000

3rd: Poppy Star   $2000

Click here for full results.


 Brighton Zeuner, backside disaster. Photo / @jaimeowens

 Allysha Le, mute air.

 Allysha Le, invert.

Arianna Carmona, invert.

AriannaCarmona, stalefish.

Brighton Zeuner, backside air.

Bryce Wettstein, feeble grind.

 Holmes and Cab!

 Jordyn Barrat, crailslide.

Jordyn Barrat, frontside invert.

 Jordyn Barrat, backside ollie.

 Julz Lynn, backside 50-50 through the corner.

Kisa Nakamuraa, frontside lipslide.

 Lea Taylor, backside air.

 Nicole Hause, blasting a frontside air.

 Nicole Hause, invert.

 Poppy Star, one foot invert.

Poppy Star, backside air.

Nicole Hause. Photo / @jaimeowens

Congrats to Jordyn Barrat on first place!