Saturday’s Vans Park Series in Malmo was everything you could’ve asked for. Oski Rozenberg is easily the funnest dudes to watch (in all park events to be honest). His last run landed him in a sea of cheers from the crowd, placing himself from last place to 1st with one of the most raw, unique, spontaneous lines of the entire weekend by far. Humble as ever, Hallberg remarks on his final winning run, "I got lucky. I'm just so happy. This is insane. Everyone I know is watching, and somehow, I made it. I'm so thankful everyone had my back. This is incredible. Thank you." It goes without saying that everyone was going for it and having fun all weekend, including Pedro Barros (3rd) and Clay Kreiner (2nd) who are both always a sight to see.

*For full results and to watch Oski’s winning run, click here.

PHOTOS / Chris Ortiz

And there was no shortage of ripping during the Women’s Finals either, where VPS Select Pro and seasoned vet of the tour, Jordyn Barratt also celebrated her first-ever Pro Tour event victory, attacking the Kroksbäck Skatepark with speed and power.

"This is so rewarding. I've wanted to win the Vans Park Series ever since it started," said Jordyn. "After this, I'm even more motivated and really looking forward to China. The stakes are high and I want to keep doing better and better."

Kisa Nakamura maintains her podium streak, finding her flow early on, mixing technical lines throughout the course to finish in 2nd place. And sneaking her way into 3rd place was former world champ Brighton Zeuner who re-emerged after a rough start.