Well, here we are two days after the Vans Triple Crown concluded its three-stop circuit in Oceanside, California for 2002. Thousands of spectators flooded the contest site to watch and cheer for their favorite skaters under the heat of an Indian summer sun.

This year the street finals came down to technical skating versus raw street style. The uncaged animal, Chris Senn, was able to hold off the always-consistent contest skater Rodil Jr. and the rookie-pro Austin Seaholm to take first prize. Chris walked away with 18,000 dollars for his ingenius lines carved around the simulated street obstacles, while Austin took home third and the overall Triple Crown title winning a Ford truck. Austin didn’t stop there, either. He ended up with the first place in street best trick taking home a grand total of 17,500 dollars. Not bad for his first year as a professional skater.

Bob Burnquist is the most amazing vert skater ever. He has an uncanny ability to make the impossible possible. How does he do it? With cat-like agility he’s able to make tricks that most would pass off as a bail. Somehow he keeps his weight centered over his board and rolls away. This contest was no exception because Bob stayed on his board pulling a long list of tricks, including a switch kickflip Indy over the death channel, which edged out Andy Macdonald and Bucky Lasek. Andy and Bucky need to be commended for their efforts. Andy pulled out a frontside 540 lien rodeo late in his run, and Bucky hip-hop handplanted across the extension/channel box, but all in all, Bob’s skating shined a little bit brighter in the hot Oceanside sun.

Burnquist walked away with 18,000-dollar first prize, while Anthony Furlong accepted the Triple Crown Vert title and drove home a new Ford truck, too.

For those who couldn’t make it out this weekend to beautiful Oceanside, California, the Xbox World Championships Of Skateboarding will air on NBC Sports on Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST. Double check your local listings for the actually scheduled time. Enjoy skateboarding on TV.

For a complete listing of results, visit vans.com or the World Cup of Skateboarding Web site, wcsk8.com.


Men’s Street
1. Chris Senn
2. Rodil de Araujo, Jr.
3. Austin Seaholm
4. Daniel Vieira
5. Dayne Brummet
6. Tony Trujillo
7. Michael Simonetto
8. Rodolfo Ramos
9. Mike Santarossa
10. Ryan Johnson

Men’s Vert
1. Bob Burnquist
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Rune Glifberg
5. Anthony Furlong
6. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
7. Jesse Fritsch
8. Max Dufour
9. Chris Gentry
10. Jake Brown

Women’s Street
1. Amy Caron
2. Jaime Reyes
3. Lauren Perkins
4. Alexandra White
5. Vanessa Tores
6. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
7. Sasha La Rochelle
8. Heidi Fitzgerald
9. Lindsi Thompson