Versus – Trucks

Are you speed-wobbling down the street millimeters away from catching wheelbite, or are you stressing as you try to tick-tack around some annoying pedestrian? If there’s one piece of equipment that can contribute to someone’s overall style and flow on a skateboard it’s their trucks. Loose or tight? Here’s how the pros stack up.



Dan Drehobl

Tony Trujillo

Kris Markovich

Ethan Fowler

Cairo Foster

Matt Rodriguez

Mark Gonzales

Kenny Reed

Donny Barley

Tony Cox

Adam Alfaro

In The Middle

Mike Taylor


Andrew Reynolds

Jim Greco

Mike Carroll

Steve Berra

Arto Saari

Marc Johnson

Rob Dyrdeck

Rick Howard

Jamie Thomas

Bam Margera

Chad Muska

Pat Duffy

Ryan Sheckler

Kerry Getz

Daewon Song


Chad Bartie

Terry Kennedy


Kenny Hughes

Mark Appleyard

Danny Montoya

Colt Cannon

Chris Cole

Bob Burnquist

Danny Way

Tony Hawk

Rodney Mullen

Nate Sherwood


“If you keep your trucks tight, you don’t gotta break ’em in and get used to ’em. It’s good for me because I usually freak out and throw my boards into traffic or just give ’em to some rats.”—Ragdoll

“If I’m skating ledges, they’re loose, rails they’re tight. That’s why I always have my tool with me.”—Mike Taylor

“I ride my trucks tight for better pop. Plus I don’t want to roll up to some rail wigglin’ around and shit.”—Terry Kennedy

“People always give me shit for having such loose trucks, but I just got to be able to feel the turns.”—Adam Alfaro

“Most people probably think my trucks are super tight, but I weigh 200 pounds, ya know? Basically they’re closer to tight than loose.”—Kenny Hughes

“Here’s my technique: I turn the board over and try to press the wheel down into the board. I get it to where the wheels are half an inch away from the board on all sides, with me putting pressure on it. If it touches, it’s way to loose. Basically I try and get to where I won’t get wheel bite.”—Marc Johnson

“I’ve always had a tight back truck and loose front truck, and that’s that.”—Jim Greco

“It all depends if I feel loose or tight. If I got a really bad hangover and I gotta skate the Tampa park, I’ll usually tighten ’em up because I’ll be all over the place. But if I’m out street skating with Geoff and Mark in front of a gas station with no shirt on, then I might just keep ’em loose.”—Aarto Saari