Embarcadero (formally named Justin Herman Plaza) in San Francisco and LOVE Park (formally named JFK Plaza) in Philadelphia are the two most legendary street skateboarding spots in the world. The amount of tricks, progression, coverage, and the now legends that each spot has produced is phenomenal. Skateboarders from all over the globe have traveled to these spots to skate and get a taste of what so many of their favorite pros got to skate on a daily basis.

As much as the spots differ, the era they represent, the coasts they’re on, the fights to keep them alive are the same. The physical aspects are also very similar and represent one common greater good-a street skateboarder’s dream.

The street plazas soon to be popping up around the world are the evolution of everything these two great spots started-the all of what we enjoy doing-skateboarding. The two grounds will hold a special place in the hearts and minds of so many skateboarders forever. Despite being demolished, banned, and skate-proofed, none of us who were blessed enough to witness or skate any of it, will ever forget. This is how they size up against one another.-Rob Brink

The Icon

The “C” Block vs. The LOVE statue

They Used To Be “Li’l”

Nick Lockman and Lee Smith vs. Stevie Williams

Ask Their Permission

James Kelch vs. Ricky Oyola

Will Make You A Star

The Gonz Gap-Mark Gonzales, first ollie and first kickflip. vs. The Fountain Gap-Vinnie Ponte, ollie; Kerry Getz, first kickflip.


Hell no. vs. There was the one that Pat Corcoran and Chris Cole skated, but Fred Gall and Kerry Getz skated the only rail that mattered.

Dominating Board Companies

Zoo York, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Seek vs. Plan B, World, 101, Blind, Girl, Real, Mad Circle

Know The Ledge

Henry Sanchez, Mike Carroll vs. Stevie Williams, Brian Wenning

Extracurricular Activities For Civilians

Ice-skating and volleyball vs. Chess

Biggest Misunderstanding

That it was called “EMB”-that actually stood for Embarko’s Most Blunted, the crew that ran the place vs. That Vinnie Ponte was the first to ollie the fountain gap. According to Ricky Oyola, it was actually Choppy Omega a few weeks prior

Nearby Optional Default

Hubba Hideout vs. City Hall

The Greatness On Film

Pack Of Lies, Questionable, Virtual Reality, Love Child vs. Sub Zero’s Real Life, Eastern Exposure 2, Photosynthesis, The DC Video

Required Reading vs.

Local We’d Die To See Make A Comeback

Drake Jones vs. Matt Reason

Final Fate

Bulldozed vs. Fenced in and “skate-proofed,” but it’s not over yet