Volcom ‘True To This’ World Premiere

Volcom threw a massive premiere last night for its new film True To This at its HQ in Costa Mesa, California and invited anyone and everyone to attend. The nonstop rain we’ve been having in SoCal didn’t stop thousands of fans of all ages from coming out and packing the Veeco skatepark and parking lot. Circus-size tents were rented to keep all the revelers dry and several movie theater-size screens were posted inside and outside so no one had a bad seat. Inside Volcom’s offices and in the skatepark was displayed the 21-year history of its filmmaking: Freedom Wig, Chicogof, Let’s Live—the catalog is impressive and enduring. True To This captures and celebrates the 20+ year history of America’s first boarding company. Wherever you live, there will be a premiere near you with 70 global premieres over the next month. Watch the four-part Making Of webisode series.

Photos by Shigeo, Blair, & Jaime Owens


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