Volcom x Toy Machine Launch Party

Last night at Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa, California, a party was thrown for the new Volcom x Toy Machine collab line. There was a big photo exhibit from Mr. Ed Templeton and three bands rocked the skatepark. Now scroll down and peruse these party flicks, loyal pawns. That’s what you came here for!

Just warming up, Luke Callahan and Tum Yeto’s Tyler Culbertson. Nice shirt Tyler!

Inside, it was a sensory overload of Tempster photos, Volcom x Toy Machine imagery, and music from Fart Barf. Have a listen while you browse:

Fart Barf, donning monkey masks. Dudes definitely got weird.

Jamie Tancowny and his lovely wife.

The collab gear above the bar. Is that Red Room Blake?

Just a sliver of Ed’s amazing work.

The Hoard was there! Brian and Mike Fitz.

Guess who? (Hint: his initials are Don Brown)

One of the big stars of the night, Mr. Ed Templeton.

For the young, single dudes out there; don’t miss another Volcom party.

Zac Dubs in the house, gone green.

Hondo! Thanks for comin’ out! (Inside joke)

Ran into Jon Dickson and his lady on the way out.

Collin was a bit elusive, in and out of his party bus, so thanks to social media (@tempster_returns), we’ve got the most important photo of the night. Nice work boys!

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