Volcom’s Chichagof Premiere

Surf, snow, and skate clothing company Volcom premiered its latest installment of its video archive. The same company that has brought us such films as Freedom Wig, Frankenplasm, Stoney Baloney, Computer Body, and Luminous Lama now adds Chichagof to the lineup.

To celebrate the occasion, the premiere was thrown Volcom-style. A generator lit up the parking lot where there were fish tacos and beers to all those hungry, thirsty, and of age.

A one-man band entertained the audience for a while, and anyone who brought their boards shredded the indoor park. After a while, everyone took their seats and the madness began.

Chichagof is an all-skateboarding video that accurately reflects the diversity of their team, and also the life of a professional skateboarder. There was a healthy mix of tour footage and street footage, and Matt Dove and Rune Glifberg even threw a bit of vert in the mix as well.

Standout parts were definitely awarded to Dustin Dollin, who comes through with handrail annihilation despite the impending release of Baker 3, and Dennis Busenitz, who also comes through with a fantastic part.

The final part is unique to Volcom style—suffice it to say that they aren’t afraid to allow cameos. No one left the parking lot hungry, sober, or disappointed.