We Store In LA Grand Opening

Photos: Leah Stassen

The 13th of September We Clothing finally opened the concept store at 144 South Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. The Store is 3500 square feet and the interior has a Scandinavian touch, with clean and lofty design.

The carpenters finished the interior work about one minute to six, when the invited guests started to line up outside. Shop manager Eric Ruhle said:

We had to be finished before 6 pm and we did. Everybody worked tremendously hard. No one thought we would make it just a few hours ago. But now I’m so stoked to at last be finished and to open up the doors to Americans.

We Clothing managed to gather a lot of people from all over the world: distributors, We Activists, press, sales reps, VIP’s, part owners and of course everybody had a great time in the store and on the back alley of the shop. The bands Adore ans Bronx played loud, the Absolut Vodka bar served cold drinks and everybody had a great time as expected.

Jen McVey of Deep Distribution, the American We distributor, was delighted with the opening:- It’s so amazing to have a concept store where we can show the whole We collection. It gives us the opportunity to showcase the brand exactly as we want to. And of course, the address couldn’t be better.

Greger Hagelin, the founder and President of We Clothing fills in:- Everything turned out just perfectly. We invited a great group of people to be a part of our Superlative Conspiracy. I’m happy to show them what we’re all about and it was great to be able to release our limited collaboration with Adidas Originals to this amazing group of friends.

We fà¤shion show at the Standard Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.

Right after the opening party at the We Superlative Conspiracy store at 144 South Robertson Blvd, the guests went to the The Standard Hotel Downtown to continue the party and to watch the fà¤shion show, later that evening. The whole hotel was booked and filled with people connected to We Clothing in one or another way.

Approximately 400 guests were invited to the roof party at The Standard. We Activists Jason Lee, Chad Robertsson, Chris Pastras, Scott Dixon, Love Eneroth, Mathias Ringström, Papa Dee and Jerry Hsu, among others, mingled with guests like Beck, Peter Stormare, and others.

At 11 pm Greger Hagelin, the founder and President of We Clothing, and Ben Preuss, Footwear Director of Adidas Originals, announced the limited edition collaboration between Adidas and We Clothing. Together, the two brands will deliver a tight and exclusive line of shoes, clothes and apparel to the market for Spring 05.

Adidas has done this type of collaboration before with brands that have finger tip feelings about the future. I have personally known about We Clothing for a long time and we’re good friends with the people behind the brand. So this year we wanted to do this special thing with our friends at We. If you look around here tonight you see that we’ve gathered together a fashion forward group of people, said Ben Preuss from Adidas, moments before the show.

In the surreal surroundings on the roof of the Downtown Standard, the show began. The Spring 05 collection takes We a step further into the fusion between skate, street culture and fashion. Bright colors and Swedish inspired patterns are essential in the biggest collection so far in the history of WE.

Check out We Clothing at: www.weclothing.com