Weekend In South Africa With Tony Hawk

Weekend In South Africa With Tony Hawk
A long way to go with a short time to get there.
Words and photos by Atiba Jefferson

I don’t think too many of you out there would pass up a weekend in South Africa with Tony Hawk. If you were given the choice, most wouldn’t go, considering that you’d have to spend more time traveling to get there than the time actually spent there. I took the risk because it’s not too often I’m given the chance to go to South Africa. The reasons for going were to open a skatepark in Capetown that Tony helped design, and then also to do another demo on one of those portable Red Bull vert ramps.

Our group consisted of Alex “Came In Handy For Big Airs Everywhere” Chalmers, Mike “Total Annihilation Of The Street Course” Vallely, Bob “Good Energy For Tony To Feed Off From” Burnquist, Riley “Always On The Street Course” Hawk, and last but not least-Tony “Hey, Isn’t That Guy From The Video Game?” Hawk.

One weekend wasn’t even enough time to see the whole country, especially when you’re on tour with Tony-he’s always really busy being the nice guy by doing interviews and press conferences. One cool thing that happened the last morning we were there: Tony took his son Riley on a safari. Besides that, there isn’t much to tell about, except we skated a really good park with an amazing cement snakerun for a couple days, and then we went back to the airport. But who really wants to hear about the airport, anyway?