Wild Ride 2007: The Last Days

Words & Photos by Yoon Sul

So I drove up to Petaluma yesterday from L.A. to fill the remainder of the Emerica Wild Ride trip. The drive took 15 hours--seriously. There were three traffic jams, one that lasted throughout the whole grapevine in 104 degree heat. There were so many burned out cars on the side of the 5 up and down the whole grapevine with people just bummin’. I brought a special guest star on the trip--Boosh! If he wasn’t with me, I probably would have lost my mind on the drive. It was cool though, I brought a DVD player along and we killed time watching American Me. Finally at around 1 a.m., we made it to the campsite. Most of the guys went to bed, but there were still some heads enjoying the fire and some brews. It’s gonna be an interesting trip for me because, with the exception of Braydon, I dont know anyone on the trip. So stay tuned for all the shananagins. We don’t fake it, we take it.

So after a well deserved night of rest, we headed to Gone Surfing for a signing and the Santa Rosa skatepark for a demo. Everybody was ripping in the demo, enjoying the heat and company. After a couple hours, we headed back to the campsite in Petaluma, where the “feast” was served. A lot of meats, beer, and friends and “other” things combined for what turned out to be a great evening. We’re headed out of Petaluma today and headed into Berkeley for a demo. We’ll be in SF for the remainder of the trip. I heard there are gonna be 5,000 people skating through the streets of SF on the 4th--stay tuned.--Yoon Sul

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