Xbox World Champ Vert Finals Video and Story

In case you haven’t noticed, Bob Burnquist has been destroying every contest he’s entered, and this year’s Triple Crown was no exception. Bob went deep breaking out an amazing one-footed backside Smith across the death gap in his second run and turn in an unbeatable score.

Forgetting about the one-footed backside Smith for a moment: how are you supposed to beat someone who can do fakie 540s, and then on the next wall do a switch kickflip Indy? Answer: You can’t, because Bob is too darn consistent. Then throw in the backside Smith and it becomes beyond impossible.

The only thing that could come close would be a run by style-king Rune Glifberg. Everyone knows Rune takes a bit more time in styling out tricks than just doing them. His 540s are the perfect example! Slow, high, and all inverted, but if he could have done one of the eight-feet-long kickflip backside lipslides that he made so effortlessly in practice, he might have been able to take out Bob. But in the end even a flawlessly styled Rune Glifberg run couldn’t stand up to Bob’s switch and super-tech bag of tricks.

One person who does need to get an honorable mention is Bucky Lasek. I don’t think people have been noticing how Bucky has been taking it to the next level lately, maybe the even the judges have missed it. Anyone who can do a switch rodeo flip, a switch McTwist, and then a switch handplant is amazing in my book. And don’t forget the frontside rodeo melon over the gap! Off the charts!

Oh yeah, I’ve already argued with some people about whether it should be called a rodeo flip or a frontside 540. I think since Bucky gets completely upside down it’s a bit more than fronted 540, and although it sucks that it’s kind of a snowboard term, he deserves the rodeo credit. Or maybe not, who cares? Bucky rips.

1 Bob Burnquist Sao Paulo BRA 93.25 84 91.5 93.25 $18,000
2 Rune Glifberg Costa Mesa CA DEN 90 75.5 89.75 90 $10,000
3 Bucky Lasek Baltimore MD USA 88 54.5 90 90 $6,000
4 Andy Macdonald San Diego CA USA 85.75 82 76.25 85.75 $4,000
5 Anthony Furlong Augusta GA USA 84.25 79.75 68 84.25 $3,000
6 Sandro Dias Sao Paulo BRA 78.5 83 83.25 83.25 $1,700
7 Renton Millar S.Melbourne AUS 83.25 64.5 69.25 83.25 $1,500
8 Mathias Ringstrom Stockholm 71 82.25 69.25 82.25 $1,000
9 Mike Crum Dallas TX USA 80.75 77.75 53.75 80.75 $900
10 Neal Hendrix Newport Beach CA USA 68.75 77.75 77.25 77.75 $800
11 Omar Hassan Costa Mesa CA USA 77.5 68 72.25 77.5 $700
12 Buster Halterman Wellsville PA USA 73.25 65.5 70.75 73.25 $600
13 Brian Howard Carlsbad CA USA $300
14 Tas Pappas Melbourne $300
15 Jake Brown Oceanside CA AUS $300
16 Jesse Fritsch Encinitas CA USA $300
17 Matt Dove Baltimore MD USA $200
18 Max Schaaf Oakland CA USA $200
19 Cristiano Mateus Newport Beach CA BRA $200
20 Mizael Simao Curitiba $200
21 Jurgen Horrwarth Berlin
22 Phil Hajal Ocala FL USA
23 Joe Gratzer Encinitas CA USA
24 Paul Zitzer San Diego CA USA