Xbox World Championships Street Finals Video and Story

I said it once and I’ll say it again, Bastien Salabanzi is so damn good that it’s scary! In the new contest age where flawless runs are becoming standard, you gotta break out the goods to be number one, and Bastien ain’t playing around.

Kickflip backside lipslides, kickflip nosegrinds, kickflip frontside boardslides down the ten-stair rail¿and all in same run! The skills are getting upped for sure. But check this out! Because of some technical rules regarding whether or not Bastien was actually qualified to enter the contest, he didn’t get the first prize cash! Weird, huh? So second-place ripper Eric Koston got the eighteen Gs, and of course Koston’s run was flawless and had styles for miles, so he deserved every penny.

Ed Templeton kind of surpassed everyone by skating like a madman all weekend and noseblunt sliding across and down the funbox ledge with ease. Ed was seriously killing it and walked away with 10,000 bucks, which buys a lot of gold Toy Machine medallions. I personally had Colt Cannon picked to take first or second, but Mr. Cannon just couldn’t reel in the killer run, but his nosegrind down the flat-kink-flat-kink ledge was ridiculous!

There’s a video clip of the nosegrind floating around somewhere that you should check out, it almost looks like it’s not even possible. As far as the best-trick contest goes, this time there was little left to debate about who won¿Donny Barley! Donny ollied off the bank across an eight-foot gap onto a four-foot tall ledge to NOSEBLUNT-SLIDE! Insane, definitely one of, if not the, best trick of the contest.

X Box World Skateboarding Championships
Men’s Street Finals
Oceanside, CA

1 Bastien Salabanzi Toulon FRA 82 91 91 *
2 Eric Koston Los Angeles CA 70.5 88.25 88.25 $18,000
3 Ed Templeton Fountain Valley CA 87.5 83.75 87.5 $10,000
4 Colt Cannon Los Atlas Hill CA 86.25 71 86.25 $6,000
5 Carlos de Andrade Curitiba 83.25 63.5 83.25 $4,000
6 Chris Senn Grass Valley CA 75.75 81.5 81.5 $3,000
7 Rob Dyrdek San Diego CA 73 81.5 81.5 $1,700
8 Rodil de Araujo, Jr. Curitiba 71.75 79.75 79.75 *
9 Dan Pageau Montreal 79.5 53.25 79.5 $1,500
10 Chet Thomas Huntington Beach CA 78.75 69.5 78.75 $1,000
11 Kristian Svitak Oceanside CA 66.5 76.5 76.5 $900
12 Ronnie Creager Orange CA 75 72.25 75 $800
13 Jim Gagne Greenfield MA 56 69.75 69.75 $700
14 Pat Channita Garden Grove CA 63.25 69.25 69.25 $600
15 Rick McCrank Vancouver BC 56.5 55.5 56.5 $300
16 Omar Hassan Costa Mesa CA $300
17 Jeff Williams Bass Hill
18 Dayne Brummet San Diego CA $300
19 Chad Bartie Encinitas CA $200
20 Frank Hirata Vista CA $200
21 Matt Beach Portland OR $200
22 Caine Gayle Jacksonville FL $200
23 Fabrizio Santos Costa Mesa CA
24 Geoff Rowley Liverpool ENG
25 Oscar Jordan San Diego CA
26 Steve Caballero Campbell CA
27 Tony Trujillo Santa Rosa CA
28 Willy Santos San Diego CA
29 Rodrigo Teixeira Huntington
30 Ethan Fowler San Diego CA
31 Brent Kronmuller Kansas City MO
32 Andy Macdonald San Diego CA
33 Donny Barley Groton CT
34 Jurgen Horrwarth Berlin
35 Daniel Haney Los Angeles CA
36 Mizael Simao Curitiba
37 Mark Appleyard
38 Brad Staba San Francisco CA
39 Jon Comer Dallas TX
40 Deon Marshall Fairfield CA
41 Salman Agah Coarsegold Ca
42 John Wilinski Yorba Linda CA