Adrian Adrid, Darius Trabalza, David Bowens, Curtis Pearl, and Jhian Namei skated to a highly synthesized soundtrack in Yardsale’s first promo last fall. We caught up with Stephen Spilker, who co-created the video along with Yardsale founder Daniel Kreitem, to find out a little more about the video and to see what’s coming up next for the London based company.

This video comes out, we look up Yardsale, all we get is the Instagram handle. What is Yardsale?
Stephen Spilker: It's a clothing company. Dan [Kreitem] who had filmed and edited the other half of the video, he started it. The website is coming soon. Right now we're just doing the Instagram (@yardsale_xxx) and are trying to do a few more edits and put out another video.

Where can people pick up some Yardsale stuff?
Right now it's just at at a few skateshops In Europe. The biggest one being Slam City. We're hoping to bring it over to the US soon. We're kind of just testing the waters over there.

So you, Adrian [Adrid], David [Bowens], and Jhian [Namei] are the only guys who can be seen running Yardsale in the US at the moment?
Dan's been sending us over boxes of T-shirts and sweaters. Yeah, right now it's literally just me and the guys on the team who have the clothes right now [laughs]. 

“There's a lot of other cool shit to skate and
we wanted to get kids motivated to explore a bit more.”


How did you get involved with this project?
Dan visited LA a year and a half ago and ran into Jhian at Stoner Park. Jhian saw he was wearing a Palace T so they got to talking and they ended up going skating together and the kept in touch over Facebook. That led to Jhian showing Dan some of my edits and Dan was hyped on them so he shot me an email about helping him start Yardsale.

The soundtrack. It's a little more chill than most video's out there. How did that come about?
I'd been using a lot of songs that were kind of similar to what your hear throughout the video. I already had a bunch of stuff compiled. Dan was getting into that similar style of music so we were just putting together lists and lists of songs. When we were ready to start editing we starting picking an choosing what we thought would be the best songs.

How has the response to the music been?
Most of my friends have liked it. Kids who've come up to me to talk about the video have liked it, so I actually haven't gotten any negative response yet.

How did the team get put together?
What we were looking for was people with really fresh outlooks on skating. Dan I came to the decision that Jhian [Namei], Adrain [Adrid], and Daivd [Bowens] were the best fit for the LA side. Dan had grew up with Darius [Trabalza] and he was already filming with him a bunch, so that was an easy pick. Curtis [Pearl] got involved a little bit later on but he was also jus a natural choice, he's go such got style.

What do you mean exactly by "fresh outlook on skating"?
Before we started filming a lot, we had discussed how we wanted the video to look. Both of us wanted to show a different side of street skating. All of friends who were in the video were already portraying that style we wanted to show. We didn't want to emphasize the stereotypical spots, like Wilshire 10 or something. There's a lot of other cool shit to skate and we wanted to get kids motivated to explore a bit more.

When can we expect the next Yardsale edit to drop?
Right now Dan and I have been stocking up some night footage. We are going to put together a night edit soon. After that we're putting together another video with parts. Curtis, Dan and Darius are all going to come to LA for two months, next week actually. We're going to try to get it filmed in the two months while they're here. We're hoping that it'll be done in time for summer.

Check out more of Yardsale on their Insta (@yardsale_xxx). Hyped on the video? Order a shirt!