Yeah Right Video Premiere

Girl Skateboards premiered their much anticipate video entitled Yeah Right last night in Los Angeles. If you were one of the lucky few who had a ticket, you are probably still trying to take it all in.

To keep us all entertained before the video they had a slide show playing with pictures from all trips that the guys had been on. I took a few pictures so you could maybe get a feel for how the night went. The music they had playing was just as entertaining. The song “Murder on the Dance Floor” is still stuck in my head.

The video started with a tribute to Keenan Milton. It truly showcased how amazing of a person he was and how talented he was with a skateboard. I never knew Keen but after watching this section I wish that I had.

Some of the funniest parts of the video were the little skits they had. The first had each guy doing a trick and afterwards throwing the board to someone else. Lance Mountain and a few others even had a cameo in this part. Another was a special effects section where they photoshopped out the boards. When you see this you’ll be in awe of how it looks. I can’t even think of how to describe it.

To our delight, all the Chocolate riders had video parts as well. If I tried to mention everything you would be reading a novel, so I’ll just leave to the names of Kenny Anderson and Marc Johnson. That alone should make you want to get the video. Mark and Kenny both have mad manual skills, which will keep you hitting the rewind time and time again. I think Kenny had the longest switch backtail slide that I’ve seen.

If you are a fan of Mike Carroll then you knew he would have one of the smoothest parts. I’ll just mention the feeble to backtail and the best nose manual nollie flips around. Thanks Mike, I just wish you had a 30 minute part though. You can never see enough from this guy.

So who had the last part you ask? Not Koston -- Yeah right! Eric is probably the number one reason why this video will outsell all others. Eric has it all: money, girls, Lakers season tickets, and the ability to do whatever he wants to do on a skateboard. His part will not disappoint you either. Eric does everything you dream about doing, but it’s not a dream.

After the video ended everyone wanted to go to the afterparty? After watching the video all I wanted to do was go skate, and I’m sure you will have similar feelings after you watch it too. They definitely bring some fun with skateboarding. There is no valid excuse of why you shouldn’t have this video in your collection. Work overtime, sell your old baseball card collection, don’t eat for a week, just do whatever it takes!