YelaWolf, Fear And Loathing In Smalltown USA

Fear And Loathing In Smalltown USA

At first listen, you might acquaint YelaWolf to a country-fried Eminem. But when you take a closer listen, it’s clear that Wolf has a sound and a style all his own. Hailing from the small town of Gadsden, Alabama, YelaWolf has an eclectic steez—a mixture of skateboarder, rapper, and neo-Dixie wild man. His lyrics and vocal patterns are quick, clever, and capture the essence of the country-bumpkin experience.

His vocals are mixed over a buffet of southern beats so buck wild you’ll want to go off-roadin’ in your F-150 and bust your twelve-guage at road signs. Yeeehaw! Wolf’s got a long list of talented rappers that aren’t scared to get on a track with him either. Watch out for this guy. He might just be the next big thing in hip-hop.—Cullen Poythress