You Should Know: Best Of Street League Skateboarding

From flip-in-flip-out tricks done every try to heavy rail and gap tricks landed on command, SLS has provided some of the best skateboarding we’ve ever seen. Last-minute-makes and unexpected variations have kept the audience on the edge of their sets. With plenty of highlights to choose from over the years, this series is guaranteed to provide many more memorable moments. Here’s a look at the best of Street League Skateboarding.

Shane’s Backside Lipslide win

With Chris Cole missing a crucial kickflip over the rail in Las Vegas in 2010, Shane O'Neill only needed a 2.4 score to win the final stop. With nerves of steel, Shane rode up and smoothly backside lipslid the rail for a win and a 150,000-dollar paycheck.

Paul Rodriguez Wins His First Stop In 2012

With a switch barrage that no one could keep up with, Paul Rodriguez finally won an SLS stop in 2012 in Arizona, effectively halting Nyjah's winning streak on the year. Cheers could be heard all over Los Angeles.

Sean Malto Wins The First-Ever Winner-Takes-All Championship

Getting subbed in for an injured Tommy Sandoval in 2011, Sean Malto made the best of his situation and went on a flawless nollie assault on the hubbas and rails in New Jersey. After the dust settled, Malto took 200 grand back to KC.

T-Puds' Press Conferences

Did anyone know about Torey Pudwill's MC skills and comedic timing before he began hosting the SLS press conferences? They're the best reason to stick around after the contests—straight-up laugh factory.

Austyn's eye

Austyn Gillette's out-of-the-box approach to the SLS courses, and his pop and speed that enable him, stood out at every stop in 2012. Austyn's always discovering a gap or transfer on the course that most would deem impossible.

The Ryan Sheckler Cab Flip

In 2011, the already voracious crowd got what they were asking for when Sheckler landed a gigantic Caballerial kickflip off the kicker in the Impact Section. Kansas City’s Sprint Center shook like an earthquake.

The Pride Of KC

No city on the tour shows its love for its hometown hero like Kansas City. Homemade signs, painted torsos, and thunderous crowd-wide cheers—all in the name of Sean Malto. KC always welcomes Street League like a plate of their famous barbecue.

The Backside 270 Noseblunt Heard 'Round The World

Three years after it went down in 2010, Nyjah's banger on the rail in Seattle remains the most mind-blowing trick done at a Street League. It received the highest score ever awarded in SLS, a 9.9, and it still deserves it.

The Soccer Star Factor

With Bastien Salabanzi joining the SLS tour in 2012, he made the arenas look like erupting European soccer stadiums, thanks to his go-big style, hang-on-for-deal-life landings, and enthusiastic crowd interactions. An awesome, international addition to the SLS.

Seeing Shane O'Neill's First Try, Every try

The flip-in-flip-out tricks Shane does in his video parts might have you wondering how many tries they take him. Getting to see him skate Street League, you realize he's got nollie flips in and out of crooked grinds every try. A true benchmark of technical street skating.

Luan Oliveira's Hardflips

Whether off kickers or drops in the Impact Section, Luan's got a switchblade-quick flick, and his board snaps right to his feet. It's as flawless as a hardflip gets.