Zero, Baker, And Emerica Demo

Active Escondido brought together three amazing skateboard teams for one demo. Involved were Zero, Baker, and Emerica. The demo started at 4 p.m. and the skating didn’t stop until dark.

Jamie Thomas, Andrew Reynolds, Trainwreck, Evan Hernandez, Ryan Smith, Ryan Bobier, Brian Herman, Tosh Townsend, John Alley, and Leo Romero were all skating together at one point. It’s not everyday you get to see a demo like this one. It’s usually one team and it might last an hour, or two if your’e lucky. But this demo went on for nearly four hours.

All the different styles of skating were well represented. Andrew Reynolds seemed to be toying around with the set-up. He just cruised around and from out of nowhere he stepped it up and landed some of the biggest flips of the day. Jamie and Trainwreck just killed it with their powerful skating while Evan Hernandez and Tosh were making tricks look way too easy (like butter). Ryan Smith landed a perfect backside 360 ollie down the makeshift set of stairs. Which in my opinion, was the coolest and most impressive trick of the day.

At times it even felt like a rock-n-roll concert. Van Halen was being blasted and that seemed to keep everyone amped. It was old Van Halen with Diamond Dave if anyone has any doubts. Just watch the video and see for yourself.