Zero New Blood Premiere

The premiere went off without a hitch—a feat not so easy to accomplish these days, and especially since Zero has a history of bad luck with premieres. The video was really good, possibly the best Zero vid yet. Here’s a brief rundown:

Jon Allie: First part, again. He’s gotten even better and has diversified his skating a bit. He’s growing into a well-rounded dude that’s great to watch.

Garrett Hill: Trent Reznor doppelganger came through on his first part with tons of style.

Tony Cervantes: Unpredictable ball of energy, super fun to watch. Slams with a smile on his face. Heelflip body varial down the Sports Arena double.

John Rattray: You know what to expect and he doesn’t disappoint. Full part despite injuries.

Jamie Thomas: Sandwiched in the middle, Chief’s mature, all-terrain skills shine over CCR’s Fortunate Son. Rad part.

Mystery section: All black and white, set to a Moby song. Their vid is gonna kill.

Tommy Sandoval: Lives up to the gnar hype, with tech skills to boot.

James Brockman: All those gnarly ads you’ve been seeing lately finessed into one part. Zero pro material.

Chris Cole: Last part. Gnarliest footage for sure. 270 noseblunt down Beverly and caps it with the tre bomb down Wallyhorse after about ten heavy slams.