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2017 Shop Showdown

About The Contest

Congrats to Index (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas) for winning the 2017 Shop Showdown! Back for the third year in a row, TransWorld SKATEboarding and Dew Tour have teamed up to host the Shop Showdown video contest on 16 shops across the country were tasked to create a 3-5 minute video edit in the span of one month featuring their best shop riders. With no pro involvement, this contest is 100% crafted to shine some light on the underdogs who constantly put in work for their local shops from coast to coast.

All 16 videos will be posted to and bracketed against each other in groups of four until the final 4 videos are determined through a blend of audience voting and expert analysis by the TWS edit staff and select pros from the Mountain Dew skate team. The winning team will be flown to Long Beach, California, to attend Dew Tour on June 15th where four of their shop riders will compete head-to-head on the newly updated Dew Tour course in the amateur contest, which will be broadcasted shortly after on NBC Sports. The winning shop will receive a $5,000 cash prize, 2-page editorial feature in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SKATEboarding, an all-expense paid trip to California and much, much more.

See it all unfold right here and follow along on social media using #ShopShowdown2017!

Shop Quick Links
35th Ave. | Damage | East 4th | Emage | Half n' Half | Homebase | Index | Long Beach Skate | Nine One Skate | PLUSkateboarding | Prime | PUSH | Rukus | Sixth Avenue | Tactics | Theory Skate Shop

Congrats to Index! Our 2017 Shop Showdown Winner

Featured Shops

  • 35th Ave

    Bio: 35th Avenue has been in business since 1977. Still skater-owned and operated, located in Federal Way, Washington.
    Location: Federal Way, Washington
    Instagram: @35thavenue

  • Damage

    Bio: Damage kicked the door open in 2005 to provide the necessities for the local skate heads of northern Minnesota. 12 years later we are still here doing what we love doing… skateboarding.
    Location: Duluth, Minnesota
    Instagram: @damageduluth

  • East 4th

    Bio: Our doors first opened in 1996, Since then East 4th has become the premier shopping location in Long Beach, California. Located smack-dab in the middle of the world famous retro row, we have stood the test of time. Our goal is to provide our customers with an array of the best brands and merchandise ranging from skate to surf, street to high-end, and everything in between.
    Location: Long Beach, California
    Instagram: @east4thskate

  • Emage

    Bio: Emage Skateshop has been proudly serving the Denver Metro Area since 2001. Located right down the street from the Denver Skatepark in DT Denver.
    Location: Denver, Colorado
    Instagram: @emage_denver

  • Half n' Half

    Bio: Opened in 2016. Half and Half is Salt Lake City's skate-only, skater-operated shop based in beautiful downtown SLC. The team is filled with homies and the people that have skated together for years.
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Instagram: @halfandhalf801

  • Homebase

    Bio: Shop owner Andy Po was transplanted from San Diego, CA to Bethlehem, PA in 1997. There was a lack of support for the culture of skateboarding from the other businesses that sold skateboards in town so in 2002; Homebase610 opened its doors with the help of the local scene. Since then, Homebase610 has held countless skate events for the locals, advocated for parks like the Bethlehem Skate Plaza and has started a series of after-school skateboard programs in elementary & middle schools areas in hopes of keeping future generations pushing on four wheels. This summer, the homies at Homebase610 will celebrate their 15th Anniversary.
    Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
    Instagram: @Homebase610

  • Index

    Bio: Established in 2004, Index was founded on one premise: skateboarding and skateboarding only. Of course we carry all of the latest products, but our belief is that a true skate shop should be more than just a store. Index was created as a community center for skateboarders; a place to congregate, make friends and learn the culture that is skateboarding.
    Location: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
    Instagram: @indexskateshop

  • Long Beach Skate

    Bio: In 2010 we opened our doors, not as "your," nor "my" skate shop, but "OUR" skate shop. Our mission is to attend the needs of skateboarders, locals far and wide, and our community. We are a tight knit family operating the shop and take pride in connecting with everyone who walks in our doors. We love skateboarding and will let you know it when you come in. Catch us in the shop or in the streets.
    Location: Long Beach, California
    Instagram: @lbskate

  • Nine One Skate

    Bio: Nine One Skate stands for area code 918. We exist to be a positive influence in our local skate scene and to drive the momentum of skateboarding forward. Shop owner, Joel Holmes has been skating for over 20 years, so skateboarding is in our blood.
    Location: Arrow, Oklahoma
    Instagram: @nineoneskate

  • PLUSkateboarding

    Bio: We love skateboarding. We believe you should touch and feel your skateboard and related products before you buy them. We believe that skateboarding should not be bought and sold on the Internet, but experienced as a whole. We believe that the skate shop is a place to come hang out, meet new friends, learn, form your own opinions, and maybe buy something. We believe that skateboard videos and magazines matter and that they should be delivered in tangible packaging so that future generations can experience. We believe that skateboarding has indeed become religious to us. We believe in promoting skateboarding to our community and building our scene. We believe that skateboarding is fun and there are no rules. If you are ever in the Detroit area, come say hi. Love, PLUSkateboarding.
    Location: Grand River Farmington, Michigan
    Instagram: @pluskateboarding

  • Prime

    Bio: Prime is located in central New Jersey about an hours drive from New York City or Philadelphia. We opened in April of 2006 and are now proudly celebrating 11 years in business. The shop is 100% skateboarding, owned, operated and supported by skateboarders. Stop by and say what’s up to Rich and Eric who hold it down, slap the curb or meet us a mile away for a session at #AnnVan our local park!
    Location: Hillsborough Township, New Jersey
    Instagram: @primeskateshop

  • PUSH

    Bio: Forged in the furnaces of a fire that burns eternal, PUSH occupies space within the vortex of an inter-dimensional landscape where madness is a must and fortitude exists on a cellular level. Artistic expression reigns supreme and we are all here to bear witness.
    Location: Asheville, North Carolina
    Instagram: @pushskateshop

  • Rukus

    Bio: Rukus started in 2000 by two of the largest drug runners in the South. Their biggest dream was to open a skate shop similar to the ones they visited as kids. With the capital gained from their life of crime they turned their dreams to reality and opened what is now known as Rukus and is a staple in both the skateboard industry as well as the culture of southern Louisiana. Rukus isn’t just a store it’s a family. And much like the late Biggie Smalls once said, “We went from ashy to classy.”
    Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Instagram: @rukus103

  • Sixth Ave

    Bio: Sixth Avenue Skatepark has been supporting skateboarding in Nashville, TN, for the last 13 years. We just want to help people and have a fun on skateboards!
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee
    Instagram: @sixavenashville

  • Tactics

    Bio: Founded in 1999, over a few beers in a Eugene, OR garage, Tactics has become a landmark for west coast skate and snow culture. Back in the day, we jumped into the world of the unknown internet and have been fortunate to use our digital presence to support our community in more ways than we ever imagined. We're focused on staying true to who we are, growing our team, and providing an inclusive experience for all the local rippers in Eugene and beyond.
    Location: Eugene, Oregon
    Instagram: @tactics

  • Theory Skate Shop

    Bio: Theory opened its doors in West Springfield, MA, in 1998 as a skater-owned and operated shop. After almost 20 years of operation, seven shop videos under their belt and a true skate scene that’s been supportive since day one, they continue to build the skate community in Western Massachusetts and hopefully will for another 20 years.
    Location: Holyoke, Massachusetts
    Instagram: @theoryholyoke