Skate & Create 2015 Presented By Mountain Dew

Prominently printed on the cover of our first issue in 1983, 'Skate & Create' has been TransWorld SKATEboarding's ethos since day one. In 2008 it took the form of a creativity contest in a warehouse setting that produced many innovative and artistic projects in the years that followed. In 2012 we took it out of the warhouse and into the streets, removing limitations and opening it up to even more possibilities. This year it's reached its purest form. There are no rules, no points, and no 'winner', simply an opportunity to showcase the talents of the skaters, filmers, and photographers as they express themselves with total freedom and unlimited potential for creativity. Go skateboard. Go create. Simple as that. We selected four teams including DVS, The Back Forty, Mountain Dew, and LRG to partake in this year's experiment. We contacted them in early September and gave them each a five thousand dollar budget to produce a photo feature for our February 2015 issue and video featurette to be hosted here on Here's what they brought back.

  • Dvs: Rubbish Heap
    The DVS team travels to Detroit's in search of semi-safe abandoned buildings, the kind of off the radar locations that have become ideal breeding grounds for DIY skate spots. With brooms, a drill, and some concrete, they set about converting the nine floors of the fire damaged Fisher Plant 21 into a skateable spot with a surreal ghostly backdrop.

    Featuring: Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Luis Tolentino, Daewon Song, Blake Johnson
    Filmers: Justin Carlson
    Photographer: Sam Muller


  • The Back Forty: Mr. Skateboarder 2015
    The Back Forty parodies the current state of skateboarding in this satirical comedy sketch. "Mr. Skateboarder 2015", a fictional skate contest, provides the perfect back drop for an exploration of the various personas on display at any modern skate event.

    Featuring: Kenny Anderson, Marc Johnson, Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts
    Filmers: The Back Forty
    Photographer: Oliver Barton


  • Mountain Dew: Switch Perspectives
    Mirrors. Where did they come from? Why were they invented? I don't have the answers, but they produce endless creative possibilities within photos.

    Featuring: Boo Johnson, Travis Glover, Reemo Pearson, Justin Schulte, Carlos Zarazua, Chris Colburn, Nick Tucker
    Filmers: Jon Humphries
    Photographer: Jon Humphries


  • LRG: Perspectrum
    Taking inspiration from the mosaic-style art of David Hockney, the LRG team is captured in action in the Bay Area through multiple cameras at different angles, then stitched together to create one unique image.

    Featuring: Carlos Ribeiro, Tommy Sandoval, Trent McClung, Jack Curtin, Miles Silvas
    Filmers: Kyle Camarillo
    Photographer: Dave Chami