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Skate Everything is our ethos here at TransWorld SKATEboarding. It simply means don't limit yourself and completely submerge yourself into everything that is skateboarding. Don't put yourself in a "box." Don't just be a street skater or just a pool skater or a rail skater. Be a skateboarder. Skate everything. Do manuals, grind a pool, drop in on a vert ramp, slappy a curb, slide a rail. And most of all, get creative with skateboarding.

So with our #SkateEverything contest, we want you to skate everything and we're giving monthly prizes away to see it. "What do you mean by everything, like the coped ledge at my local park?" Sure, that falls under 'everything', but you have a better chance of coming up in some gear if you use your imagination or exercise an artistic eye. Bonk a newspaper box, jam off of a bike rack, hippy jump a bicycle, switch bigflip back tail shove a doghouse, anything, just make it interesting! Post it to Instagram, tag @transworldskate and #skateeverything and we'll break the best ones off with a board, tees, and other goods and put you in the mag! Use your imagination, skate everything. *The aforementioned doghouse maneuver will be an automatic win.

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@coltywompton | August 2014

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