Transworld Skateboarding Presents Our 27th Video
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TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to introduce its 27th full-length video, Substance, featuring Davis Torgerson, Dolan Stearns, Tom Karangelov, Tristan Funkhouser, and Jon Nguyen. Making a conscious decision to free himself of any self-imposed limitations as to what a TransWorld video "has to be," filmmaker Chris Thiessen embarked on a worldwide mission alongside the Substance crew to make a stand-alone full-length with a life and feel completely of its own. And with the beautifully unique results of the video premiering directly after the 18th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding awards, Substance is bound to carve a niche of it's own amongst the vast TWS video library.

Available on Vimeo On Demand on February 5, on DVD February 19, and on iTunes March 21.


Dolan StearnsDavis TorgersonTom KarangelovTristan FunkhouserJon Nguyen


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