100 Kickflips With Lizard King In The Supra Kensington

When the rest of the world was staring at the sun during the 2017 eclipse, Lizard King and the rest of the Supra team was driving in route to CCS for a demo. That's probably not entirely true – surely they pulled over and checked out the eclipse at some point. After signing some quick autographs and disposing of a dozen or so pizzas, Supra headed out to the Ed Benedict Skate Plaza where we caught up with the man, the myth, the legend, Lizard King to film his 100 kickflips wear test. His pro model Kensington colorway is Brown/Bone, so that's the shoe he skated for the wear test. Aside from popping every kickflip waist high, Lizard King kickflipped on, out of, over, onto, and into everything at the park. In the end, the shoes looked great. The Kensington is a reimagined chukka version of Supra's popular Flow slip-on shoe. See how they held up and grab a pair at CCS.com.