This year's Indie Video of the Year, Spirit Quest, was a tour de force from every aspect of its production—from the raw street skating to the editing to the absolute mind bending art direction / visual concept that carries throughout the entire 80-minute video. Colin Read, who has been making amazing independent skate videos for years, put every ounce of creative juice he had into this project (which he claims is his final project ever). Beyond the amazing skating from Taylor Nawrocki, Bobby Worrest, Jimmy Lannon, Quim Cardona, Chris Jones and many more, the sheer amount of brain power it must have took to film and execute the signature double frame sequences or the animal mimic cut-aways will still be tripping skaters out for many years to come and hopefully inspiring other filmmakers to think outside the box and create their own masterpieces that don't follow the standard, stock skate video formula. We're proud to honor Colin and his swan song of a video project with this award. The prophecy is true. Well deserved, brother.—Jaime Owens
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Taylor Nawrocki, switch backside Smith grind. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Jaime Owens