Another epic year in skateboarding is capped off with yours and ours best of the year picks. Tyshawn Jones was our pick for Best Rookie. See all the other winners in our March/April issue out now and stay tuned as we roll out video announcements here and on our Instagram.

Boardslide. New York City, NY. Photo: Sem Rubio

Tyshawn Jones winning our 2016 Best Rookie shouldn't surprise anyone, right? As dawn broke on 2016, he was undoubtedly one of the hottest ams out on one of the hottest teams. Every piece of video coverage TJ put out in 2016 continually showed his growth and progression on the board. As is tradition for this category, let's recap TJ's highlight reel of a year and see how he did it: The first-ever adidas video premiered in May with Tyshawn's first ever solo part in it. Bankroll Fresh supplied the soundtrack as Ty went over the top at Columbus Park, dropped that hardflip at Le Dome, and of course the V flip down LOVE in the all-white kit (and no, it wasn't already on Instagram). He graced our June cover (which dropped in May) shot in his home borough no less, with a banner Am Spotlight interview. June was when Dill and AVE saw it fit for his school portrait to grace the bottom of a FA board, along with Sage Elsesser.
The adidas Away Days team tour hit NYC in September and TJ murdered the demo in front of his hometown crowd at Tompkins. Don't forget his role as Hardies impresario—where 2016 saw him do a demo/giveaway at LES park in NYC and run up a Park Barge on our site in February. You're still keeping in mind he just turned 18, right?
Strobeck videos? Okay. How about Pussy Gangster, where he skitched off into the sunset after that back lip? adidas' NYC loveletter Broadway Bullet, though dropping in January 2017, shows TJ continuing to add inches to his height and power to his tricks. The gap to back lip in Willamsburg really tied the room together. We hit up Jason Dill to see what's good with TJ in the new year, "I mean shit, he’s had a heavy month and it’s only January 22, not even one month into the new year and he already has crazy shit on film. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Big Tyshawn for the win in 2017."
Not taking anything away from some of the other candidates that took the plunge in 2016, we're looking at you Tiago Lemos, Daan Van Der Linden, and TJ's FA brother Sage, but Tyshawn's ability and output really shone head and shoulders above the crowd. How gnarly-yet-varied are these new pros!? Insane. But back to TJ, you're the man, it's always rad seeing you in NYC, or anywhere—and you deserve this shit.—Blair Alley