2016 In Review | Video Part: Looks OK To Me

Another epic year in skateboarding is capped off with yours and ours best of the year picks. See all the other winners in our March/April issue out now and stay tuned as we roll out video announcements here and on our Instagram.

Bobby Worrest, backside tailslide. Photo : Cameron Strand

Bobby and Hjalte skate the world! We loved every second of this nine minute, 38 second video part. Ben Chadourne was the master behind the lens, and as much of a no-brainer it is to simply point the Panasonic at Bobby and Hjalte and know everything you'll film will be gold, it really was the master stroke of genius to film these two at the world's most famous plazas still in extistence. "Skate the streets while you can," you might even catch flash across the screen if you watch close enough. And yooo! The yellow shirt and shoes combo, though! Have you feelin' a little light-headed like that bum in the beginning.
You want high speed ledge skating, an immaculate trick selection and a nod to the 90s? It doesn't get any better than this, and there's no need to bust out a VX or Hi-8 to hit it on the nose. They basically filmed lines that your dreams are made of. If you had those skills, these are the tricks you would do at those perfect spots. Tech tricks and tech vests!
Our ears were treated to Brotha Lynch Hung, Bad Brains, and NYC street buskers; then as the Talking Heads classic came as the Pulaski footage dropped, we fell out of our chairs. And when we thought this part couldn't get any more ill, Reese Forbes appeared.
The tricks burned into our minds: Bob going big on that handrail back 50, Hjalte's fakie flip down the off-kilter French double set that sent the Blobys into a head-shaking tizzy, Bob's switch back nosegrind revert into the immediate nollie back heel, Bob's manual at Sants to switch tre off the curb filmed long lens, Bob's first line in NYC when the flip tricks hit the drums perfectly, the Nike hockey jersey fakie flip to switch crooks down the rail, and of course Bob's switch back lip on knobbed home turf.
An ode to the greatest plazas penned by the two best ledge/tech/style skaters of this era. They couldn't lose with this team. This video part made us want to jump out of our chairs and go skate more than any other part (or shared part) in 2016. Here's to the dream tag team. Sweating through shorts never looked so good. Looks more than OK to me! —Blair Alley

Hjalte Halberg, backside flip. Photo: Svensson.

Hjalte, Ben Chadourne, Bobby, and Reese Forbes. Photo: Marcel Veldman.