With the final stop on the 2016 SLS Nike SB World Tour approaching, California Skateparks has yet again built an SLS course with obstacles that any skater would love. However, for the Super Crown it needs to be special and they truly delivered. This course will certainly bring out the creativity in all 16 skaters competing (8 men and 8 women) on Sunday October 2nd in Los Angeles.

At a glance what stands out the most is that there is no big stair set or big section on this course like there was at the last stop in Newark—where P-Rod dropped an array of switch flips down the big 15.

This time instead the main platform splits a quarter pipe wall and at the end of the platform is a flat ledge that's a foot-and-a-half high. Approaching it from the opposite way it becomes a bump to ledge. Where the ledge ends are 4-stair hubbas that are two feet high. Parallel to the platform, but on the ground level, are two euro gaps that lead into the center of the course.

Two bump to flats bookend the course's center. Adjacent to each of those are identical kinked rails. In the very middle is a euro gap enclosed by two four-stair rails.

Last but not least, on the other end is the obstacle that is becoming every SLS fan's favorite—the quarter pipe wall. Expect to see all 16 contestants put down some phenomenal tricks on a course like this which is designed to encourage flow and elicit the most technical and jaw dropping tricks and maneuvers. From the course alone, the 2016 SLS Super Crown will be one to remember. Tune in Sunday October 2nd on SLS.com and FS1.

Words by Reggie Altema