Qualifiers and the Independent Best Trick contest at Damn Am Japan could both be summed up with two words: Daisuke Ikeda!

Video: Frank Branca

Damn Am with Mt. Fuji in the background! What a trip.

Yamato Kosuzu is like the young Japanese Hewitt.

As Toki Kakitani is the Japanese Dee Ostrander doppleganger.

The Japanese version of the Euro Gap is gigantic. Raimu Sasaki gets the Tre up.

SSSKKKKRRRRR!!!!!! Tahou Tokura screeches a Backlip down the Hubs.

Nao Aida comes through with a solid Bluntslide.

Apparently KF Frontside Boards on this rail is second nature for a lot of these kids. Kento Urano is one of them.

Big Ramp, Lil Kid.. Daiki Ikeda makes the Front Blunt Exchange.

Tahou Tokura can put on a hell of show, seen here spinning a 540.

Vert Attack 2018! Daisuke Ikeda goes 540 mid-heavy run.

Our two Golden Ticket winners, goin' straight to the Finals. Key Aki Ike & Daisuke Ikeda

Sora Shirai got 3rd Place in BT with a Blizzard Flip but a photo of that would just be obnoxious so here's a photo of a Frontside 180 to S/S Backside 50/50 instead.

Key Aki Ike midway through Switch 270 F/S Board, milliseconds before Bigspinning Out; ultimately granting him with 2nd Place in the BT contest.

Daisuke had to go ahead and duped everybody with the Back 270 Flip Lip for the win via Best Trick Competition.

Our top 5 of pinnacle trickery and the crew!

Once again congrats to Daisuke Ikeda with the double win yesterday, and stay tuned shortly to see total coverage of todays final showdown!

Photos: Bart Jones