In celebration of April 11th (4/11), here’s the issue that started it all, 411VM #1 (Jul/Aug ’93)—the “Extra Fat Premier Issue.” We have a ton of new 411 gear dropping on our online store this week too… Keep those eyes peeled.

Content timeline:
3:16 Profile: Jeremy Wray
6:21 Chaos
12:48 Earwax: Eric Sermon
15:36 Fine Tuning: Ray Barbee, Mirko Mangum, & Tony Hawk
17:43 Transitions
23:24 Wheels of Fortune: Aaron Bleasdale, Paul Shapiro, Mike Hayes, Jesse Paez, Rob Carlyon
28:12 Contest: Sierra Madness
30:15 Schoolyards
33:00 Libre: Josh Swindell
36:23 Industry: The Firm
41:12 Roadtrip: Australia Tour
44:55 Switchstance
47:27 Metrospective: London
51:28 Contest: The Brick, The Playground, Brooklyn Banks
1:00:12 Grapevine
1:06:08 Chaos
1:12:15 Credits
1:13:42 Promotional