The first stop of the 2019 adidas Showcase took place in the RiNo Arts Disrict of Denver at the famed ATC DEN Gallery. It was packed with over 400 people attending the opening. Big shouts outs to Sam and Casey at 303 Boards and Brendan at Emage for helping us curate this epic group show featuring Chris Haven, Coburn Huff, Whitney Wells, Garrett Moore, Lost Girls Tribe, Daniel Mitchell, Tristan Minton, Alyson McClaran, Dirty Tom and Jeremy Barber. Dave "The Dave" Davis kept the crowd entertained all evening and came up with the best Denver trivia questions one could ask for while DJ Simone Says handled the beats. Palo Santo closed the event with a rocking 30 minute performance. Thanks to Fat Tire & AriZona for providing the bevvies. Thanks to skateboarding for influencing these amazing artists.
Next stop: Phoenix

Whiteny Wells & Garrett Moore

Lost Girls Tribe

Daneil Mitchell art

Chris Haven

Chris Haven & Coburn Huff wall

ATC DEN Gallery got packed quickly!

Bartenders Lou & Heather serving up Fat Tire or AriZona

Big tings poppin’!

Dirty Tom.

Garrett Moore & Whitney Wells

Puppet named "Sox" – Garrett Moore

Tristan Minton.

Tyler Kendrick in front of Coburn Huff photography

Ryan Ulbrich & John Herrera in front of Lost Girls Tribe wall

Dave Davis trivia time.

Dave Davis and trivia winners Ryan Ulbrich & friend

Another trivia winner.

Tyler Kendrick & Hayley Mill

Darion Sanchez, Blair Batson & Andrew Call

303 Casey & Buster


Director of ATC DEN Gallery – Claire Tonelson & friends

Trevor Uriona & Dave Davis coming up with triva questions

Just like Trebek and Drew Carey.

Beautiful Showcase attendees.

Denver posse.

James Catchings & Kelsey Schlecht

Tyler Kenrick & Zach King

James Catchings & Louie

Palo Santo guitarist and friend

Lou and Heather