The Phoenix Showcase took place at Legend City Studios in downtown Phoenix. JJ Horner, Clay Halling, Steven Salazar, Alex Brand, Justin Modica, Josh Hawkins, Taylor Rae, Tess Mallory, Brandon Roggeman, Andrew Riffle, Tino Rincon and Toybox Monster came correct with rad installation work, paintings, photography, jewelry, high-end skate ramps, recycled necklaces and cut out skateboards, chainsaw sculptures and more. Cowtown repped hard. Endless legendary skaters showed up to support and enjoy the evening while Kate Scratch Fever rocked an all vinyl set and MC Jalen Noel entertained the crowd with trivia questions and also connected buyers with the artists all night. So much art was selling is was insane! Steven Salazar sold nearly every canvas. Anarbor closed the night and everyone went to Gracies Tax Bar. Definitely another one for the books!

Justin Modica.

Alex Brand animal series.

Andrew "Triple" Riffle's custom painted mannequin legs and Wassel gas tank.

Tino Rincon.

Toybox Monster's son Daniel in front of the exhibit.

Brandon & Ashley Roggeman.

Kate Scratch Fever.

Rad Cycled Industry designs.

Steven Salazar paintings.

Clay Halling.

Pyramid Country's JJ Horner installation.

Pyramid Country's JJ Horner installation.

Melissa Levy, Jesse Plumb & Hilary Sutter.

Rad Cycled Industry's Dan Felipe & Taylor Rae.

Aga Luszcz & Morgan Leigh

Tess Mallory and friend.

Pyramid Country's Jackson Casey & super shredder Tyler Franz.

Andy Levy & Aaron Forjan.

Svetlana & friends.

Cowtown ripper Andrew Forest, Dez, Amanda Hawkins, Josh Hawkins, Cody & Stevie

OG Legend Andy Levy knows his trivia!

Daniel Barrera, Peaches & Braden.

Natalie Das, Lindsey Steed & Parisa Zahedi.

Amanda Hawkins & friend

OG Cowtown rider Shane Reddy & family. Shane is one of the masterminds at Cowtown.

Sarah Mihaylo & Daniel Barrera.

Shredder John Rob Moore.

Brandon Roggeman & Tino Rincon.

Cowntown OG Dave McCarthy & Chris Gonzales

OG homie of Triple Riffle & all time shredder Javier Jacome

OG AZ shredder Mark Carrol & JJ Horner

Triple Riffle and best homie

Daniel Barrera, Sarah Mihaylo, Brandon & Lindsey Steed

Longtime shredders and filmmakers Mike Tyler & Travis Adams

Co-founder of Cowtown and shredder Ed Cox & Showcase MC / young gun ripper Jalen Noel

Top notch street killers Tino Rincon & John O'neal

Legendary ripper Justin Modica next to his art

The Sex Gods

Cowtown's Peaches and Dave McCarthy

Travis & Jalavanna Adams relaxing in a gallery recliner entertained by Lindsey's flick

Pete Grannis, John O'Neal, Lucas Lozano, Jason Reynolds, Klay Anderson

The nerf basketball game was gettin' wild!

Winner! This guy sunk a shot from 30 feet out.

T-shirt for the make!

Going straight to rim for a slam dunk!

Legend City Studios got packed! Thanks Phoenix for all the support.