The third stop of The adidas Showcase took place in San Francisco this past weekend at First Amendment Gallery aka 1AM. The City by the Bay's one and only Chico Brenes hosted the event which featured artists Brian Parks, Lauren D'Amato, Michelle Williams, Alex Fatemi, James "Flick" Ferrando, Turkey Neck, Unit Press, Max Marttila, Daniel Valencia, Julie Sarmiento, George Rocha and Sean Silk. Commissure closed out the night with a 30-minute set of pyschedelic rock. It was complete mayhem as the crowd of 400 skaters spilled out of the gallery and took over the corner of Howard and 6th Street. Major shout outs to Atlas, 510 & FTC for all of their support. Thanks to Tyler Dumais at 1AM for all of his help installing the show and Fat Tire & AriZona for providing the drinks. Next stop: Austin!

Photos: Justin Ching

Sean Silk setting up

Michelle Williams artwork

Max Marttila artwork

Legendary sign painter Ken Davis

Julie Sarmiento artwork

Alex Fatemi artwork.

James "Flick" Ferrando

Lauren D'Amato projected art installation.

The Showcase SF

Unity Skateboarding handpainted boards

Jake from Turkey Neck photography

George Rocha of Iris Skateboards

Brian Parks

Max Marttila

Chico Brenes & Daniel Valencia in front of his work.

Nile Gibbs and Marsha handled the bar like champs.

George Rocha & Sean Silk

We asked Pablo Ramirez if we could get a flick in front of his hillbomb photo. Unreal.

These two are in the streets shooting a lot. James Ferrando & Pablo Ramirez.

Rollerskating rules.

This skate crew was hyped on George Rocha’s art.

FTC's Ando Nesia & Chico Brenes.

Trivia winner!

Everyone was having a blast scoping the work and drinkin' brews.

Al Davis and Atlas co-owner Mike Manidis.

Cecelia Perez & "Pain One"

adidas Showcase SF

Pablo Ramirez and his girl "LSD"

Chico Brenes crushed it as our host.

DJ Lady Q & her sister.

The rollerskate crew held it down.

Commissure rocked out

Turkey Neck Jake & Alex Fatemi.


Lil Dre, Poobert & Chico Brenes.

Nile Gibbs & friend

Three stripes crew: Dennis Busenitz, Poobert, Mark Suciu, Jake Donnelly, Paul Shier & Silas Baxter-Neal